Bar Straightening Machine cutting composition  Reinforced straighten cutter for steel straightening and cutting rod, producing long straight longitudinal reinforcement, it can simultaneously straightening, cutting and blasting work. Cut the length of error of less than ± 5mm. Aerated concrete plant currently used domestic steel straighten cutter has GTJ-4/8 GTJ-4/12 and the two basic models, performance can meet hzs 50 concrete mixer for batching plant production requirements. There is also a NC reinforced straighten cutter, this model requires the steel surface smooth, uniform cross-section, otherwise it will affect the photocell working conditions, thus affecting the accuracy of the cut length.        A common reinforced straighten cutter ships from the feed rollers, straightening drum, main roll, several large pieces friction wheel and driven wheel, rotary cutter, steel support frame, motors and other components.        Processes steel straightening machine: reinforced by the feed roller traction, reinforced by the introduction of an unwinding stand straight cylindrical drum tune in, and through the main drag roll forward in a straight transfer drum equipped with Jane in tune straight rolling block, generally equipped with five rolling block, the center not on a straight line interlace each other, but mounted on a gradual convergence of the volatility curve; this current face of the feed roller, the main roll and straightening the drum rotates enter straightening steel drum Jane will face forward movement, facing different directions bent, curved arc of increasing amplitude is getting smaller, so they put a disc-shaped steel straight; at the same time due to the squeeze , drag, physical role nip, so rust steel surface off a large area, so as to achieve the iron and steel rust removal twin shaft concrete mixer mechanical arm on purpose. After steel straightening sent by post before continuing friction wheel and driven wheel. Engraved with the concave outer edge of the rotary cutter worse, when not rotating, reinforced freely through the grooves, who carbide blade rotating, the Royal will be cut off within the concave arc phase. Bar Straightening Machine safety technology which 1. Workers must wear a helmet, gloves, wear rubber-soled shoes. 2. Jobs should be checked before straightening steel mounting bracket with a hoist, component connection bolts, anchor is solid, rotating parts are plus a good grease, electrical boxes wire is intact, no damage, then zero protection is reliable, shock protection action if sensitive, both ends of the fixture should be no damage. 3. Straightening reinforced along the length of both sides within 10 ~ 20m 2m prohibited area, and set the protective shield retaining bar, hanging safety signs. 4. Artificial lift 6,4 steel plate reel, 3 to 4 people should cooperate with each other and someone conductor. 5. Every straightened rebar length, no more than 6m, both ends of the gripper after prison, before starting hoist straighten, straightening when an increase of approximately 60 ~ 100cm, immediately press the stop button to shut down, not use inverted switch. 6. In straightening block is not fixed, the front shield cover shall not feed. Job opening each guard is prohibited to adjust the gap. 7. After straightening should relax tension, to prevent rebound off wounding. 8. Artificial lift reinforced when the job straight after transposition, and shall not touch, touch and pressure high and low voltage power wires. 9. Work should always pay attention to portable twin shaft diesel concrete mixer the bearing temperature exceeds 60 ℃, it is necessary to identify the reasons for downtime. 10. Straighten work, are not allowed to unrelated persons standing near the machine when the reinforcement material on the disc fast finish, reinforced tip to prevent injured people. 11. When the operation is found there is not a normal part of the drive case or a different sound, it should be immediately shut down, wind up off the power, reporting machine repair maintenance, no unauthorized repair. 12. After the job or in case of a power outage, it should wind up off the power and lock the switch box.